Get Involved As a Coach

Become a coach and help athletes achieve their goals!

Our athletes would not be able to achieve within their own sport without the help from our qualified coaches. Forth Valley Disability Sport aims to recruit the highest level of coaches from within the local area, to help the development of our athletes.

However, as an ever evolving branch, FVDS is always looking to develop their own network of coaches, and are always looking for people to come on board. Helping at FVDS can enable you to forge great friendships with fellow coaches, and our athletes. It also enables you to give some of our athletes the chance to pursue their sporting goals, and what better than seeing one of you own winning their first competition, becoming a Scottish, British or World champion, or seeing them represent Great Britain at our own Olympic Games in London 2012? The feeling of pride is indescribable and the only way to experience this is to become a coach with us.

Coaching is not restricted to our current band of sports, as we are looking to introduce more sports to open the branch up to a wider catchment of potential athletes.

To find out more information, you can email us at